The International Scientific Conference «Genetics of Population: Progress and Perspectives» will be held on the premises of the S. N. Skadovsky Zvenigorod Biological Station MSU on April 17–21, 2017 ( The Conference is commemorating the 80th birthday of an outstanding population geneticist, Academician Yury P. Altukhov (1936–2006), Director of Vavilov Institute of General Genetics RAS (1992–2006). The Conference is also dedicated to the 45th Anniversary of the Laboratory of Population Genetics founded by Yu. P. Altukhov and named after him.
The main objective of the conference is to present Yu. P. Altukhov's scientific heritage and achievements of his scientific school, to discuss the modern state and perspectives of population and general genetics in Russia and in the world, and the role of new methods for the estimation and monitoring of genetic diversity and for revealing factors that define genetic processes in plant, animal and human populations.


Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
Vavilov Institute of General Genetics RAS (VIGG)
Scientific Council for Genetics and Breeding RAS
Vavilov Society of Geneticists and Breeders
Department of Genetics, Faculty of Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU)
Scientific Training Center of VIGG and Department of Genetics of Faculty of Biology MSU
S.N. Skadovsky Zvenigorod Biological Station MSU

Scientific Program Committee

Politov Dmitry V., DSc (VIGG, Chair)
Krutovsky Кonstantin V., Prof. (Georg-August University of Göttingen, Germany; VIGG, Co-Chair)
Kudryavtsev Аlexander М., DSc (VIGG, Co-Chair)
Bannikova Аnna А., PhD (Faculty of Biology, MSU)
Zakharov-Gezekhus Ilya A., Corresponding Member of RAS (VIGG)
Dubrova Yuri E., Prof. (University of Leicester, United Kingdom)
Zhukova Olga V., DSc (VIGG)
Zinchenko Vladislav V., DSc, Prof. (Faculty of Biology, MSU)
Inge-Vechtomov Sergey G., Academician of RAS (SPb Branch of VIGG)
Zhivotovsky Lev A., DSc, Prof. (VIGG)
Kartavtsev Yuri F., DSc, Prof. (Nat. Scientific Centre of Marine Biology, Far East Branch RAS)
Korzun Leonid P., DSc, Prof. (Faculty of Biology, MSU)
Kurbatova Olga L., DSc (VIGG)
Radchenko Olga A., DSc (Institute of the biological problems of the North, Far East Branch RAS)
Salmenkova Еlena А., PhD (VIGG)
Stolpovsky Yuri А., DSc (VIGG)
Shestakov Sergey V., Academician of RAS (VIGG)
Yankovsky Nikolay K., Academician of RAS (VIGG)

Organizing Committee

Politov Dmitry V., DSc (VIGG, Chair)
Gavrilov Valery M., DSc (S.N. Skadovsky Zvenigorod Biological Station MSU, Co-Chair)
Belokon Yuri S., Research Scientist
Belokon Мaryana М., PhD
Gordeeva Natalia V., PhD
Gracheva Alesya S., PhD
Mudrik Elena A., PhD
Talala Maya S., PhD student
Shatokhina Anna V., PhD
(All from Laboratory of Population Genetics, VIGG).


Mudrik Elena A., PhD
Belokon Мaryana М., PhD

Scientific Program


1. Genetic processes in animal populations
2. Genetic processes in plant populations
3. Genetic processes in human populations
4. Genetic mechanisms of speciation


Currently, plenary and sectional sessions are scheduled on April 17 and 18, 2017, parallel sectional sessions - on April 19-21, 2017, and short oral poster presentations and a poster session on April 20, 2017


Tour of Zvenigorod
Excursion to the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery
Visit to the Museum of the Zvenigorod Biological Station

Abstract submission

We ask now to submit your abstracts by e-mail by March 1, 2017. The format of the abstract is described below in this letter. The conference languages are Russian and English.
Foreign participants who do not speak the Russian language can submit their abstracts only in English. Abstracts should be submitted with a total length of up to 1 page (A4). The text should be typed using the MS Word 2003/2007/2010 text editor, single spaced with 12-point Times New Roman font, justify alignment, 2 cm margins on each side of the page, without graphics, tables and literature sources. Latin names of species should be written in italics, but the name of the author of the species should be not be italicized.
The desired form of the presentation (oral or poster) should be stated in the submission, but the Organizing Committee will consult with the applicants about the form of the presentation. The Organizing Committee also reserves the right to select or reject the submitted abstracts, based on the conference topics. The presentation durations are currently scheduled as follows: plenary reports - 25 minutes, sectional reports - 10 or 15 minutes, oral poster presentations - 4 minutes. Posters should be in a vertical (portrait) layout format with the maximum size of 90 cm × 120 cm (A0).
The conference abstracts will be published in electronic form and registered in the "Russian Science Citation Index" (RSCI) database. The book of the abstracts will be printed only in case sufficient funds are received.

Подпись: Abstract title

Author1 A.A. 1, Author2 A.A. 2, Author3 A.A. 1
1Author1 and Author3 institution
2Author2 institution

Abstract text…

Venue and Accomodation

The Conference will be held on the premises of the S.N. Skadovsky Zvenigorod Biological Station MSU ( The approximate cost of the accommodation on the ZBS is 550 RUB/night for lodging and 600 RUB/day for 3 meals a day plus coffee breaks. The prices are subject to change depending on the economic situation. Conference banquet and excursions will be paid separately by participants.

Contact Information

Dmitry V. Politov, DSc, Head of Laboratory of Population Genetics, VIGG;
Elena A. Mudrik, PhD, Senior Research Scientist of Laboratory of Population Genetics, VIGG;